A visit to Autoworld Brussels

The majority of shops are closed in Brussels on a Sunday. The museums are open however and you’ll find all of the parks very busy too, even when the weather isn’t perfect.  One Sunday I decided to visit Autoworld Brussels, which is a motor museum, off Parc Cinquantenaire (Jubelpark in Dutch).  It’s walking distance for me so it was on my shortlist to see as soon as possible.  As you’ll have already seen I have a bit of a thing for cars and motorbikes, especially classic ones, so it would have been rude not to pay it a visit.

Overall it’s a good museum, lots of cars, a few other vehicles including motorbikes.  The motorbikes were under represented and the information about them wasn’t as comprehensive as for the cars, but I could live with that.  The signs were all in multiple languages, French and Dutch of course, but also English and German. Upstairs was only partially open when I went as they were preparing a new motorsport exhibition.  Looking at their website this appears to be open now, so maybe I’ll have to pay another visit.

There’s a gift shop and a cafe/bar inside and the admission was pretty reasonable to me.  The building itself it pretty interesting, being a glass and cast iron affair, very reminiscent of a Victorian railway station arch (or indeed the one at Antwerp station).

Overall recommended for an hour or two, perfect on a rainy Sunday afternoon if you have more than a passing interest in old cars. Click on the pictures to see a bit more information, and let me know if I mis-remembered any of them.


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