Atomium revisited

Atomium glinting in the sunshine

Atomium glinting in the sunshine

I’ve visited the Atomium before, in the summer time, but I didn’t get the chance to go inside and see the exhibition. So determined to correct this, I was pleased to see a sunny morning, perfect for taking pictures of shiny structures against a ble sky.  Also perfect for the panorama from the top.  The commentary told me that on a clear day you can see Antwerp 40km away.  As you’ll see in the gallery, by the time I finished wandering around outside and been around the inside, not to mention waiting in the queue for the lift up to the observation area in the highest sphere, the visibility was not at all good.  I could make out the insurance tower at Gare du Midi, and the Courts of Justice but nothing much further than that.  I really enjoyed the visit, though I must say that I wasn’t particularly impressed by the design exhibitions in one of the spheres.  The most interesting parts were those about the building of the Atomium itself, and more generally about the 1958 World Fair of Brussels.  There were pavillions from a host of countries, though sadly very little of these remain.  It must have been quite something to see.These days it is in a complex of other recreation sites and exhibition centres, as well as a stadium. There is the Planetarium, Mini Europe an aquatic centre as well.

I hope you enjoy these, I apparently have to put a copyright statement of the ones of the Atomium itself, saying that it belongs to them.  This seems a bit harsh to me, but they at least are upfront about it on their website.  So for each one the caption will just be the copyright notice required.  Please click on the pictures to see the extra comments about what they are of, where, and what I was thinking at the time or what I think of what I saw.

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