Brussels Architecture – The Grand Place

In this Brussels architecture gallery I’m going to put in some pictures of the Grand Place (which is very grand) as well as some other pictures of the older, more typically medieval or classical architecture.  I don’t really know much about these to be honest, but for the most part they are very striking and impressive if nothing else.  It also helps to give a flavour of the city looking past the other styles that I already have galleries about. I will endeavour to find out a bit more about each of these buildings and to share it and update the details etc.

The Grand Place itself is tourist central in Brussels.  It’s the one place that everyone comes to and wants to see.  If they’ve heard anything about Brussels it’ll be this.  It is definitely worth a visit, but be aware that it does get very busy, and you won’t be the only person wanting to take pictures!  It is surrounded by museums, bars, cafe’s and restaurants and is a nice enough place to sit and have a beer or some lunch.  As long as you are prepared to struggle to get a seat and to pay tourist prices that is.

Around this area are a number of small narrow medieval streets, mostly full of restaurants and bars.  A lot of these restaurants seem to specialise in sea food, and there are trollies packed with ice, displaying the crabs,mussels,lobsters etc that are on the menu.  The food seems to be pretty good quality, and it is very atmospheric.  Due to the concentration of places the prices don’t actually seem too bad and the menu’s are in multiple languages for those hard of French.


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