Brussels Flower Carpet 2012

 Some images of the Brussels Flower carpet from this year.  This is done in the Grand Place, every other year, and this year opened on the evening of 14th August.  It is there until 19th.  There are more details of it here. You can pay €5 to get access to the balcony of the town hall to see it from a high vantage point, or you could try and get a table near the window in one of the bars or cafe’s that surround the square.  As you would expect it is very busy!

 I was expecting it to be made up of flowering potted plants, but it isn’t they are actually flower petals and flower heads, arranged directly onto the ground.  As you can see in the pictures it is very impressive and the colours are striking.  I would recommend getting there as soon as possible after the opening when the flowers are still fresh. This year it is an African inspired theme.

 The BBC website has a video about it on the world news

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