Brussels night life – must go for every tourist

Nightclub scene in Brussels

Party Destination?

Yes, Brussels can’t be called the center of night life in Europe. Still clubbers will easily find night clubs worth their attention. Brussels has a variety of places to choose!

 Le You

Thanks to psychedelic design this night club attracts many night visitors from all over the world. This is the world of funk, r’n’b and, of course, house music. Le You creates a rather comfortable atmosphere, which is excellent for making different kinds of parties – from the classic rave to the Sunday gay party.

Louise Gallery

This glamorous club in Ixelles is a place for “non-poor” public – social elite of Belgian society likes to appear here, various people of fashion and party-goers are frequent guests of Louise Gallery . As for the music, uncomplicated electro, Eurodance and r’n’b often sound here.  In general music in  Louise Gallery is something in the spirit of the modern MTV.


This place is for the biggest clubbers and fans of techno and house, as this very place is chosen by the best DJs. The club attracts its customers with wonderful atmosphere and legendary status, thus not only citizens of Brussels like to hang out in Fuse, but also visitors from other cities and countries are frequent guests in this kingdom of club music. In addition Fuse offers low prices and free parking.



Recently K-Nal club has become one of the most popular hangout places in Brussels. Located in the northern part of the Belgian capital K-Nal is surrounded by industrial landscapes and offers a fascinating view on the canal land. The club is a perfect place for a stylish public which is in love with minimal-electronic music. K-Nal holds probably the most prestigious and cult parties of the city called Anarchic, the fanciest DJs present their new sets here. No wonder that at these parties held every third Friday of the month, you can meet Brussels elite.

Le Bazaar

Le Bazaar night club is responsible for multicultural parties in Brussels. This interesting place is opened on Fridays and Saturdays, and from Tuesday to Thursday it works as a restaurant. Motifs from The Arabic Nights fairy tales are felt here, and in the basement of this club you will find great dance floor and a bar. All in all, it’s quite an exotic club.

 Anciene Belgique

Anciene Belgique, or simply AB, is one of the major concert halls of Brussels, where you can watch the performances of very different musicians playing in a variety of genres. You will see the representatives of both foreign and Belgian music world. The main club hall seats 2,000 people, though if we are talking about jazz or folk concerts when seats are installed, the hall capacity is not so significant.

Young music lovers will prefer another stage in AB Club. It was designed only for 250 people, such legendary artists as The White Stripes, MGMT, Stereophonics, the Low, the Black Eyed Peas and many other stars. Besides AB organizes several music fests and numerous projects.Brussels nightclub scene

 Music Village

Opened in 2000, this nightclub is situated not far from the Grand Place. Music Village shows the best traditions of European and American clubs. Equipment, lighting and stage of a high quality combined with lovely design make this music night club a truly worth visiting place. Moreover, more than 250 concerts, mainly jazz performances, please fans of the genre. The club opens at 7 pm, and concerts begin at about 8.30 PM (weekdays) and 9 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

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