Brussels recommendations

I didn’t build this blog in order to make money.  I built it for three reasons, one was to give me something to do while I was in Brussels away from home and impart some hopefully useful stuff about Brussels and what I learned making my way in a new city.  In addition I wanted to learn how to build a blog (hopefully it looks ok to you), finally I wanted to to learn how to spread the word and get the content of that blog out to the world and get it read, which if you are here reading I have been at least partially successful.  Part of learning all there is to know about blogging (I wish) is learning how to make it pay for itself.  The first thing I did was to put the google adsense ads on the top of each post, the next is to provide a few links to various items I recommend on Amazon.  If you click on these links and end up buying something I get a small commission, which will go in the first instance to paying for the running of the blog.  On this page it’s partly a trial exercise so I can see how the various things work, and I can then go on to blog about other things in the future with a full toolbox…

So the first useful item available from Amazon is the Lonely Planet Guide to Belgium and Luxembourg. My sister bought me this for my birthday after I’d been here a month already, and I am impressed. I’m not normally a guide book kind of guy, preferring to wander about and decide what I would like to see for myself, but this is a seriously useful book. It gives some information to give you a head start if you like; I use it to sort of prod myself into finding out more about something rather than expecting it to give me all of the information about it, as such this book is highly recommended. It has a number of great reviews on Amazon itself as well if you want some more detail.

There are obviously lots of other books to choose from if you want it to be more specifically about Brussels.

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