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Some more detailed information about Charleroi Airport, for those travelling to Brussels. Ryanair in particular are one airline who are flying into Charleroi, and with fares on their website today of £18 from Manchester it’s not hard to see why.

Here’s what Ryanair have to say about Charleroi airport

Brussels South Charleroi Airport is located approximately 8 km from the centre of Charleroi and 46 Km from the centre of Brussels. A bus connects the airport to the trainstation. There are rail connections to the rest of Belgium. Please check for further information.

You can see from Google that this is quite some distance outside Brussels itself, the rest of the page is all about Brussels…

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It takes approximately an hour to get from Charleroi to Brussels (Gare du Midi) using the shuttle bus.  The shuttle bus is operated by Autocars l’Elan the fare being €22 return for an adult.  They also say that the last departure from Brussels is at 8:30pm and from the airport at 11:45pm so you’ll need to bear this in mind when planning your trip and check that your flight times make this feasible. It is possible to get a bus from the airport to Charleroi trains station and a train from there (which would probably be cheaper than the shuttle), but the train takes 48 minutes to Gare du Midi so the overall journey time would be slower.

The airport itself offers the facilities that you would expect, bar, restaurant, a small supermarket, car rental etc, their website is pretty comprehensive.

Personally I would question the economic viability of flying into here, unless you really need to depart from Manchester instead of Liverpool and so can’t go with easyjet.  In my experience easyjet flights are usually between £25 and £40 each way, but you save the cost of the bus to get to Brussels itself.  Public transport from Zaventem is considerably cheaper than this shuttle bus, as well as faster.

There are a number of other airlines flying to Zaventem from Manchester as well, but all seem to be considerably more expensive from my research. I will update this post with some links etc on other UK departure airports soon.

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6 thoughts on “Charleroi Airport

  1. Hi there,

    Does Belgian rail go directly to the Charleroi airport? Or it just stops at a central station in Charleroi and you will need to make your way to the airport by some other means?

    • Hi there, no there is no railway station at Charleroi airport, you would have to go to the town and then take a local bus or taxi from there to the airport. I find it simpler just to catch the airport shuttle bus from Gare du Midi.

      Hope that helps

    • Hi Sherry,

      The accepted way is to take the bus to Gare du Midi, and catch a train to Bruges from there. Gare du Midi is a really big station so there are trains going all over from there.

      When you come out of the airport terminal at Charleroi you will see the airport shuttle bus stop immediately outside. There are automatic ticket machines there and a bit further along a manned ticket office. The buses run every 20 minutes or so, you don’t normally need to book in advance.

      The bus takes you to the south entrance to Gare du Midi. Go into the station and there are 2 big corridors, one goes off down to your right and the other is straight ahead. Go straight ahead, there are shops on your right hand side. When you get to the other end (with the huge mural of Tintin) turn right. This is the main station corridor and is very busy. Ticket offices are about half way down on the right. There are several, international, internal for future travel and internal for immediate travel. The service to Bruges is pretty regular.

      You can get more details of the trains here and the shuttle bus here and there is a map of the station and more information about gare du midi on one of my other posts here

      Have a great trip 🙂

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