Chocolate Stamps

Those crazy Belgians eh?  Always looking for something wierd and wonderful to spice up their otherwise EU coloured dour and grey image.. The latest one being these chocolate stamps.

Chocolate StampsI saw on the BBC this morning and then read this interesting news that the Belgian post company are going to introduce stamps that have pictures of chocolate and actually taste and smell of chocolate too. Chocolate stamps and no mistake!

Personally, I started out thinking that this was just a gimmick to get some attention in the press and no more than that (which certainly seems to have been successful, even I am writing about it!). Now I’ve had time to ride on the metro and think about it a little more I’m starting to change my mind.  If you wanted to celebrate something that you were famous for worldwide and to use a medium that hadn’t been tapped into before this is actually genius.  The stamps themselves will be sold in Belgium, but are intended for items being sent out of the country.  If you recieved a letter that smelled of chocolate, and had a picture of chocolate on it, that you knew had come from Belgium, wouldn’t it reinforce positve feelings about the place?  It might even make you feel like buying some of said chocolate!!

They seem to have also had some other interesting ideas of late, road safety stamps that glow in the dark anyone?

It’s an interesting idea anyway, is this the start of a new kind of marketing?  Olefactory Delivery Marketing (TM) 😉 how long before we get stamps smelling of other things? How long until we get branded smell on other items? I can’t wait until they start with the beer flavoured ones, I think I may have given them an idea there, you heard it here first!!

EDIT The BBC are a little bit late to this story, but they got there in the end 😀

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