Classic cars in Waterloo



Well if I needed any proof for my self proclaimed theory that the weather here is much better than in the NorthWest of England today I got it.  It was bright and sunny if a little cold so I decided to go out for a ride on my motorbike before I take it back home for the winter on Wednesday night. As most of my previous trips out had been in the north I decided to head south and found myself in Waterloo and what’s more I found classic cars in Waterloo. Yes the same Waterloo, Napoleon, Wellington, ABBA the whole thing.

Now while I was aware that there was a classic car scene in Belgium, and I have seen a few places selling classic cars this was the first time I’ve seen a proper event.  I don’t know if it was the highlight of the year or if they do it every other Sunday, it did appear to be a pretty well organised affair, with a band playing, drinks and a bbq.  It was taking place on the carpark of a DIY store and Media Markt (an electronics store), there was also a huge car boot/jumble sale on the carpark of a hypermarket across the road.  I guess there is some good that comes out of absolutely all of the shops being shut on a Sunday.

So why is this proof of better weather?  Well notwithstanding the fact that after riding for about an hour and a half to get back here this afternnon I have just about warmed up by sitting next to the radiator for the past four hours; nobody would dream of having a classic car meeting in Cheshire at the end of October.  No-one would come. Partly because it would be held on a school playing field in England of course because all the shops would be open, and partly because of the almost guaranteed rain which would turn the whole thing into a muddy experience.

Anyway I took one or two pictures, please enjoy and comment if you like them.

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