Guest Post Guidelines

This blog is all about Brussels. For the most part it’s been my observations of the city and life here together with some useful information, hints and tips that I wish I’d know before I arrived here. I am very happy to let others share their own thoughts and experiences here as long as they are relevant. That’s where guest posting comes in.

If you also have a blog and would like to write a guest post to appear here on Brussels blog, please get in touch using the form below. Here are the guidelines..


  • Tell me what you’d like to write about before you send me something (using the form)
  • Make it relevant to Brussels or Belgium or otherwise interesting to the readership
  • Make it fun or thought provoking
  • Make sure it’s original
  • Add photos or other media to make it interesting (please check copyright first, I will need to see credits etc first)
  • Include a bio and a link to your own blog
  • Send HTML and word document formats for the completed post once agreed
  • Be prepared to accept constructive criticism


  • Send spam
  • Write something unrelated to the content of this blog
  • Copy something from somewhere and call it your own
  • Rant or cause controversy for the sake of it
  • Include any affiliate links

Overall I expect good quality that I’d have been happy to publish as my own had I written it, so please I want to see as much effort put into guest posts as you would for something on your own blog 🙂

Submission is not a guarantee that I will publish, but if it’s really good I want to!

Tell me what you think