Brussels Seafood Expo, an unexpected story!

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here, so I’m rather overdue.


The Brussels Seafood Expo has had an impact on me before, I was dismayed, shortly after starting work in Brussels to find that all of the hotel rooms had tripled in price from one week to the next! I ended up staying in Antwerp for the week and commuting an hour each way on the train!

This year the expo was held between 6th and 8th May at the Exposition Centre, which is not far from the Atomium on the site of the 1958 world’s fair.

The story

The unexpected story for is the headline grabbing prize win by a seafood company from the Falkland Islands.

Flaklands Prize

A big story in the South Atlantic

I was unaware that the Falkland Islands seafood industry was so international in it’s focus though I guess that’s exactly the sort of thing you need to do to make a living when you fish and squid from some tiny remote islands in the South Atlantic.

As I started to read more I became intrigued by the fact that this was published on a dedicated news agency for the South Atlantic from Montevideo which is the capital of Paraguay. Some of the other recent stories paint a picture of the Falklands as a fishing hub of the world!

Squid is big business it seems, what do you do with over 200,000 tons of squid?

Just another week for the surreal capital of Europe!