The Atomium

The Atomium is called the symbol of Brussels, if you notice I have used it for the little tab icon for my blog.  It’s meant to represent an atom of Iron apparently and was built for an exhibition in 1958.  It’s really futuristic and I think has been very well done to look so good all this time later given it’s apparent gravity defying shape when seen from a distance. The scale is particularly impressive, as you can see it from lots of different places in the city, and it stands out very clearly from the plane.  At night it is lit up from within and looks very cool.  I guess it’s like Brussels version of the Eiffel Tower but not quite so big, or quite so old, or quite so famous.

Inside it houses various exhibitions and a restaurant, the website doesn’t seem the best to me, but anyway here are a few pictures I’ve taken of it.


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