What a protest looks like in Brussels

So the BBC has been carrying news stories this morning about strike action and ‘protests’ across the Eurozone.  Spain, Greece and Portugal were expected to see ‘strikes’ while in Belgium it was expected to be ‘protests’. So what does a protest look like in Brussels?


Empty screens at Gare du Midi

Empty screens at Gare du Midi

 Looks like it has a very similar effect to a strike to me..

I had just arrived on the metro, and this is the departures board in the main concourse at Gare du Midi.  There is only one listed, which was a Thalys service to Paris.  When a colleague passed through the station shortly after me the screens had been switched off altoghether.  It does look like I may have made a bad career choice in working in IT though, as the Belgian press have almost the exact picture on their story about the same protests on their website (it was the top story on the home page at the time of writing).


Their picture was taken in the South Couloir, so there are even fewer people about, it’s a lot further away from the metro. I did see people picketing outside various offices of the National Railway company on my walk to work, but thankfully I was able to get into the building, unlike on the previous strike day in October (which was specifically the railway employees) who had blocked the entrance.

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